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A new breed in our kennel – Braque D‘Auvergne

Paskelbta 23.09.2015

At the beginning of September, a new member entered our vizsla family – Braque D’Auvergne female LURRY.

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Litter "B" in Week 3

Paskelbta 15.08.2015

Puppies are showing up themselves to the new families ♥

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Ruge's debut at the dog show

Paskelbta 13.08.2015

Rugė (Adora RudaPupa) took participation at the dog show for the very first time. Only few first handling lessons before the show, high competition in the ring and the unbearable heat didn’t disturb to achieve great results.

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Litter "B" has arrived

Paskelbta 23.07.2015

We are happy to present a very nice litter of the Hungarian short-haired vizslas from combination of FRIDA (Antaresi-Lang Gymant x Malomkozi Hunor) and AMOURI (Vadaszpajtas Augo-Dromas x Xaxo of Skyrocket) . 6 females and 3 males were born on 21st of July. Mother and the puppies are healthy and feel well. Few moments from the first day of our cute puppies:

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Show weekend in Estonia

Paskelbta 02.06.2015

AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI became a new Estonian Champion and closed the Baltic Champion title this weekend in Estonia!

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BIS-1 winner at the Bird Hunting Dogs Show

Paskelbta 25.05.2015

AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI became the absolute winner of Bird Hunting Dogs Show in Moletai (2015.05.22)

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International dog shows in Latvia

Paskelbta 24.03.2015

AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI closed Latvian Champion title at the International Dog Shows in Riga, Latvia! 

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Wishing a Joyous Holiday Season!

Paskelbta 23.12.2014

Our best wishes to RudaPupa families, our friends and vizsla lovers!

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Successfully ended the show year

Paskelbta 22.12.2014

We have had a fantastic end of the show season. Results of our vizsla AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI at the International Dog Shows in Vilnius made us feel very happy again.   

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Trip to Czech Republic

Paskelbta 30.10.2014

At the end of October, we visited Czech Republic together with our vizslas FRIDA and AMOURI. 

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National dog shows in Vilnius

Paskelbta 15.09.2014

AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI is continuing making us proud and happy with the performance at the dog shows. Our results from the National Dog Shows in Vilnius:    

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World Dog Show in Finland

Paskelbta 15.08.2014

Our vizsla AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI at the World Dog Show in Helsinki, Finland (intermediate class) - excellent 1, res CAC, res CACIB, and finally WORLD VICE WINNER' 14 !!!

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Success at the dog shows in Ukmerge

Paskelbta 21.07.2014

We are very happy with our vizsla's AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI successful performance and the achievements at the national dog shows this weekend in Kurenai, near Ukmerge.

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Ruge's vacation

Paskelbta 24.06.2014

We had a great opportunity to spend the whole week together with one of our "A" litter vizsla RUGĖ (Adora RudaPupa).

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Ruda Pupa weekend meeting

Paskelbta 10.06.2014

Family meeting was held in a beautiful historical Anavilis manor. We had a great opportunity to see each other and spend a nice weekend together with our vizslas and family members. Our vizslas had lots of activities :).

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A hot weekend at the shows

Paskelbta 26.05.2014

Three internationals dog shows were held this weekend in Molėtai. Vizsla's show ring was full of participants as never before. Our results are following:

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Our guest

Paskelbta 05.05.2014

One of our litter vizslas ARGO (Amiu RudaPupa) visited us.

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Let's go to celebrate!

Paskelbta 18.04.2014
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Two international dog shows in Vilnius

Paskelbta 25.03.2014

The weekend spent at Vilnius international dog shows (2014.03.08/09) was followed by a good mood and great results.

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NDS in Vilnius

Paskelbta 16.09.2013

At Vilnius NDS (2013.09.15), AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERU in junior class got excellent 1, JW, JBOB and nominated BEST OF BREED! :)

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Puppies are growing

Paskelbta 11.09.2013

That is how our vizsla puppies of three weeks old look like - playful, expressive and always busy.


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The first litter of Frida and Gektor - 9 puppies

Paskelbta 22.08.2013

On August 18th, the first vizsla litter of FRIDA (Dora Mažas Brolis) x TINA TRADING GEKTOR born - 7 boys and 2 girls. Mother and puppies are healthy and feel good :)

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International dog shows in Druskininkai

Paskelbta 19.08.2013

Two international dog shows passed in Druskininkai on August 2-3, 2013. Our boy AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI both days got exellent, 1/2 pl., JW and JBOB. Few photo moments from the ring: 

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Eventful day in Birštonas - Amouri BIS puppy!

Paskelbta 17.06.2013

Sunny weather, beautiful landscape, active recreation and impressive results at the dog show –  that is how we’ll remember the day spent in Birštonas.At this show, our AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI was qualified as a very promising, received Puppy BOB, and finally nominated BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!

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Dog show in Jonava

Paskelbta 10.06.2013

After a long break, we are back to the dog shows again. Our AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI has participated for the first time at the dog show in Jonava (2013.05.04). Later, our little boy had two international dog shows in Molėtai (2013.05.25/26). The first shows results are very promising. 

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