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Season's Greetings

Paskelbta 23.12.2018

Our dog family with LURRY, FRIDA, ORJE and AMOURI wishing happy and festive season holidays!

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"D" litter's vizsla puppies at 2 months

Paskelbta 22.11.2018

Ruda Pupa vizsla puppies reached 2 months - Dūkis (blue ribbon), Datchis (light blue ribbon), Droopis (green ribbon), Dūzgė (yellow ribbon), Dawi (red ribbon), Dya (violet ribbon) ir Dotė (orange ribbon) ♥

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Rugė - mother of litters "D" and "C"

Paskelbta 16.11.2018

RUGĖ Adora Ruda Pupa - her maternaty is close to the end. Now it's time for fun.

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Ruda Pupa vizsla puppies of 6 weeks old

Paskelbta 07.11.2018

Puppies are growing fast - they are very energetic, curies and very lovely. ♥

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One month from the birth of "D" litter

Paskelbta 21.10.2018

Our cute puppies are growing fast and a month from their birth has passed very quickly.

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Little Orje and pheasant

Paskelbta 09.10.2018

The first introduction and training with pheasant. Shown big interest and willingness to aport. 

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New litter "D" of Hungarian short-haired vizsla

Paskelbta 01.10.2018

A very nice, strong and healthy litter of Hungarian short-haired vizsla was born in "RUDA PUPA" family. 

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Braque d'Auvergne - Orje

Paskelbta 14.08.2018

This time, our trip to Southern France had another, but a very exiting goal - to bring the second Braque d'Auverne puppy to Lithuania. 

Our new family member ORJE, same as LURRY, arrived from french kennel DU RUISSEAU DE MONTBRUN.

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Trip to Braque d'Auvergne homeland - France

Paskelbta 17.05.2018

On May 11-12 I had a great opportunity to visit homeland of Braque d'Auverne - France.

The main goal of the trip was to participate at the event organized by R.A.B.A (Réunion des Amateurs du Braque d'Auvergne), to meet friends and breeders at the specialized braque d'Auverne national exhibition. 

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The New Year is knocking to the door

Paskelbta 23.12.2017

Yellow Dog Year is right the corner! Ruda Pupa family - Lurry, Amouri, Frida and Čika - sending the best greetings and wishes!!!

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Our guest - Charo Ruda Pupa

Paskelbta 01.10.2017

We had a very active and funny time together with CHARO while his owners were traveling. I'm very grateful to CHARO owners for their care and unconditional love to their vizsla. 

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Spring Field Trials VJP

Paskelbta 09.06.2017

Our Braque d'Auvergne LURRY took participation at the Spring Field Trials (VJP) organized by Cynologyical association " Deutsch-Drahthaar" on April 22nd. Her passion to work in the fields and inherited sense of smell made a big impression for us - owners, as well as for judges.  

And we did it!

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Happy Season's Holidays!

Paskelbta 31.12.2016

Best wishes and greetings from Ruda Pupa family!

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NDS in Ukmerge

Paskelbta 25.07.2016

Sharing our joy form the National Dog Show in Ukmerge (2016-07-23/24). The results of our dogs are following:

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Our vizsla kids at the dog shows

Paskelbta 16.06.2016

RUGE (Adora Ruda Pupa) took participation at the Hunting Dog Show in Vilnius at the end of April. In June, BEILA Ruda Pupa successfully performed at the National dog shows in Kaunas and CHATI Ruda Pupa made her first debut at the National dog show in Palanga. The results of our vizsla kids are following:   

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Easter greetings!

Paskelbta 26.03.2016

RudaPupa family wishes a Happy Easter and Successful Egg Hunting! ♥

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Litter "C" is ready to meet their new families

Paskelbta 02.02.2016

RUGE and AMOURI puppies reached 8 weeks. Now they are ready to meet their new families.

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Litter "C" - 6 weeks

Paskelbta 11.01.2016

Counting 6 weeks from the puppies' birth. Puppies are named following: CANDY (red ribbon), CANNELLE (orange ribbon), CHATI (yellow ribbon), CHOO (green ribbon), CINAMONAS (blue ribbon), CHARO (grey ribbon), CAMIGO (light blue ribbon), CAMUS (brown ribbon) ♥

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Litter of Amouri and Friend Li Cuba

Paskelbta 09.01.2016

The New Year brought us wonderful news!  

Hungarian short-haired vizsla litter is expected at the end of January 2016 from the combination of AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI and FRIEND LI CUBA TRIO MAGIJA. 

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Litter "C" of 1 month old

Paskelbta 31.12.2015

Puppies reached one month of their lives ♥

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Paskelbta 23.12.2015

RudaPupa family wishing You all the Hope, Wonder and Joy that the Season can bring!

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Fantastic end of the show season

Paskelbta 22.12.2015

2015 show season is closed with the great results! At the international dog show in Vilnius "Christmas Cup 2015", our AMOURI delighted us with its successful performance in both vizsla ring and Best in Show program.  

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"C" litter is growing

Paskelbta 14.12.2015

Few weeks have passed from the birth of our puppies. This is how they look today ♥

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Litter "C" has born

Paskelbta 27.11.2015

On November 25th, a very nice and promising litter of the Hungarian short-haired vizslas was born from the parents "RUGĖ" ADORA RUDA PUPA ("Frida" Dora Mažas Brolis x Tina Trading Gektor) and AMOURI AUTUMNUS LIBERI (Vadaszpajtas Augo-Dromas x Xaxo of Skyrocket). 

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A new litter is coming soon

Paskelbta 13.11.2015

Recently, puppies from the litter "B" left our home. New families are enjoying and taking care of our little ones in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

Moreover, we are very happy to announce that a new litter of the Hungarian short-haired vizslas is expecting at the end of November!!!

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